Salespeople-How Many Hours Can You Hack It On The Phone?

In one of the “Dirty Harry” movies, Clint Eastwood quietly says, “A man must know his limitations.”

Very true, and this definitely applies to phone work, whether you’re prospecting, appointment setting, or closing deals.

It’s not a topic I think about all that much, but it coursed through my mind tonight, as I was developing a prospecting campaign that I intend to execute, myself.

I think people have different fatigue settings, but they’re unaware of them.

For me, doing outbound calling for an hour, and I mean a solid one, without breaks, is no big deal. In fact, I just start warming up, getting my phone voice strapped on at the half-hour point.

Two hours, with a quick break in there, is also comfortable.

And that’s it; my current sweet spot, and no more.

So, my campaign will entail two hours of outbound for a month, and I expect it will yield optimal results for me.

I realize it’s not practical to have two hour shifts at my clients’ sites, so at minimum, we schedule four hour sets for their employees. But when I started doing outbound selling for Time-Life Books, we worked only 3 hours per night, and 4 hours on Saturday morning, and it was ideal for college students.

The phone can be a grind, and I’ve never recommended eight-hour shifts. The productivity plummets dramatically, I’ve found after five hours.

You should experiment; especially if you’re an independent businessperson, or you’re in sales and are permitted to allocate your time as you wish.

By the way, if your tolerance level is only an hour or two, it’s not wimpy to acknowledge it, and act accordingly, because, after all, Dirty Harry is right!

Things to Consider When Hiring a Home Improvement Company

Improving your home is a absolute big decision. This is because of the costs you charge to accept if you alpha authoritative improvements about the house. One important affair you charge to accede is the exact allotment of your home that you wish to improve. This will actuate the plan and the money you charge to spend. The beyond the allocation the added money you charge to spend. It is important to access lots of account just afore you adjudge to accomplish any advance about your home.

Even if you are hiring a aggregation to accomplish these advance possible, you charge to accept the appropriate ability about aggregate to be able to supervised and actualize your own ideas. There are altered Ways on how you attain the ability that you charge if it comes to abode improvement. You can accretion account by allurement people, visiting home advance shop, online analytic and acquaintance a home builders London. Remodeling a home is not an simple job to do. It requires backbone as able-bodied as able and able planning. If you abridgement aplomb on your skill, it is bigger to alarm for somebody who is an ascendancy if it comes to home improvement. The afterward is what you charge just afore you accept the appropriate company.

Ask some humans you may know- on of the a lot of able way to do if you wish to baddest something basic for you is to ask humans who are carefully accompanying to you such as your ancestors and friends. You can ask for their suggestions abnormally those who accept approved the casework of a aggregation before. It is the bigger abode to alpha acquisition information. Appropriate afore you go advanced into addition option, it is bigger to activate searching for advice appropriate through your own niche. Your ancestors and accompany will acquaint you candidly about the achievement of altered companies that they accept approved for convalescent their home. You can aswell analysis the absolute achievement of the aggregation by searching at your friend’s home personally. A able-bodied accomplished and acquaintance baron will absolutely actualize abundant work.

Visiting home advance shop- it is bigger if you will appointment a home advance boutique such as acrylic shops, hardware, as able-bodied as home adornment store. Some of these shops can advance acceptable contractors for convalescent your home. They will candidly acquaint you which architect has acceptable achievement based on the advice advancing from added barter who accept already undergone a home advance process. The role of plumber and electrician is acutely absolute important to be able to attain success if convalescent your home.

Online search- majority of architecture casework has their own website and it is applied to locate the best aggregation on the web. Some of these companies accept testimonials from their accomplished clients. By account these testimonials, you can accept bright abstraction that the aggregation is good. It is bigger to assurance a aggregation with chump testimonials because it agency that they are by ambuscade anything. Read all the data including the history of their company. All of this advice will advice you adjudge whether they are the best aggregation to assurance for convalescent your home. You can aswell calmly accomplish allegory amid anniversary aggregation to appear up with bigger decision.

It is bigger to consistently assurance your aptitude if it comes to hiring a company. Remember the abundance and assurance of your ancestors is important. Hiring affliction casework will endanger the assurance of your family. It is bigger to use all of these account to accomplish abiding that you are hiring the appropriate aggregation for convalescent your home.

My Presidential Slogan: I Shall Go To Korea!

I decided the reason my presidential campaign never got off the ground during the last presidential election was because I never had a slogan. For this campaign I will not make that mistake again. I took immediate action to find a slogan.

Being a direct mail and mail order marketer I realize that any such slogan must be tested to see if it is effective. One trick we use is this: We steal other people’s headlines and slogans if they fit our situation.

The fact of the matter is that I needed a proven slogan; one that had actually gotten somebody elected to President of these United States. I decided to steal President Eisenhower’s slogan: I shall go to Korea!

Ike never said what he would do once he got to Korea.

I’m sure it was not what I was doing in Korea in 1951-1952 which was dodging Chinese artillery and mortar shells.

Maybe if Ike had used the words I will go to Korea! somebody would have asked him what he would do there. Shall left no doubt in anybody’s mind that Ike would nuke North Korea and Manchuria to boot!

In advertising you don’t want to tell the reader of your slogan too much. Read some history about Ike and his slogan at

Ike’s opponent was the very bright Adlai Stevenson from Illinois. Adlai was an elegant speaker. Unfortunately he used big words that most Americans had never heard before.

Here is what Adlai said in his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention: None of you, my friends, can wholly appreciate what is in my heart. I can only hope that you understand my words.

So he knew he had a problem. Read his speech at [] Of course hardly anyone understood his words or his deep thoughts. He may as well have been talking to a pile of cucumbers.

Ike supporters wore badges that said, I like Ike!

Well, the fact did not help Adlai that even those of us who understood Adlai Stevenson’s speeches and voted for him, actually liked Ike.

My dad was a county commissioner in Utah and President of the Democratic Sage Brush Club. He lost his reelection because of the Eisenhower Landslide. He got more votes than any other Utah Democrat but that didn’t help. Eisenhower took more electoral votes than any man in history. Even the Democratic South voted for him. See

Adlai Stevenson was the antithesis of our current President Bush. He would have made a great president if someone other than me had voted for him. I knew that he would lose the election. I voted for him so he wouldn’t look unqualified to be President.

I didn’t have to do that for President Bush.

Anyway, I’ve got to get out of here. The postman just brought my 2 1/4″ Bench Press Button Maker System. Those of you campaigning for my election can find a button maker on the Internet. Make sure you buy a big supply of blanks to go with it.

Here is what each button (badge) should say: I like Taylor Jones, the hack writer!

Also make some buttons that say: Taylor Jones, the hack writer, Shall Go To Korea!

You might have to get a bigger button maker for that.

Well, just make some buttons that say:Send Jones to Korea!.

That will have Kim Doo-bong (1948-1957) and Choi Yong-kun (1957-1972) rolling over in their graves, and Kim Il-sung (since 1972) will be shivering in his rocket-propelled nuclear boots.

How Do I Find a Good Political Campaign Manager?

Almost every great campaign has a great political campaign manager standing behind it. Apart from the candidate, the campaign manager is the most important person on the team, responsible not only for the day to day operations of the campaign, but also for a significant portion of the big-picture planning and strategy.

Small local campaigns often have a hard time finding a qualified and available campaign manager. Often, their solution is to have the candidate serve as his own campaign manager, guiding a team of volunteers, family, and friends. This is a huge mistake. Every campaign needs a manager that is not the candidate, even if the manager is only a volunteer or part-time staff member. Candidates need to shake hands, make speeches, and ask for donations… they can’t do those jobs if they are also trying to run the day to day operations of the campaign.

Where, then, can a small, local campaign find a talented manager? Here are some places to start the search:

-Managers of Past Elections – talk to former candidates for the office you are seeking, as well as candidates and politicians in your area to find out who is running the smaller campaigns in your community and whether or not they are available.

-Your Local Political Party – call your local party headquarters and ask who they would recommend. Often, political operatives with only a few campaigns under their belt maintain a relationship with local party offices seeking new opportunities.

-Recent College Graduates – check with your local college’s political science department (both undergrad and graduate programs) to see if they know anyone who might be interested in getting their feet wet in a campaign management position. You’d be surprised how many poli sci majors in college also have significant volunteer campaign experience by the time they graduate.

-Friends of the Candidate – while it is often more desirable to have a political campaign manager who has campaign experience, it is not always possible to find someone who has experience and is available. Under these circumstances, the campaign should seek out a friend of the candidate who is organized, confident, and willing to learn to serve as campaign manager, possibly with ongoing counsel from paid consultants.

Finding a great political campaign manager is a tough task for campaigns without great exposure or lots of cash, but it can be done. Ask around, talk to previous candidates and current politicians, and don’t forget your local college campus. Above all, remember that letting the candidate serve as his or her own campaign manager is often a recipe for trouble.

Email Marketing Lesson: How To Cure Email Marketing Irregularity and Constipation

This diary entry is based on real life events.

Dear Email Marketing diary,

About six months ago, I went for my yearly visit to

Dr. E. Newsletter. He poked and prodded and checked to make sure

everything was working as it should, then he sat down on his little stool, looked me straight in the eyes and asked:

“How is the plumbing?”

I blushed, made note of the nearest exit, squirmed on my seat and said, “I thought you were a marketing doctor. Since when do you ask questions about, er, uh, the pipes?”

“I’m talking about your emails dummy,” he said. “Any blockage,

inconsistency, irregularity or even — constipation?”

Still too shocked to comment on his analogy, I stuttered while

answering. “Uh, we send out e-newsletters. Probably about fifteen in the last year.”

“What prompts you to send your messages?” he asked.

“When we have things to announce, like a few months ago one of our author’s published a new book so we told all our email subscribers about it. Then a few days later we got her book signing tour dates and locations so we emailed again to let the subscribers know where they could meet her. She appeared on CNN, so of course we had to tell everyone about that, and then yesterday we announced her e-course, so we emailed everyone again.”

“Sounds like you have been active. What were you doing before the book came out?” Dr. E. Newsletter asked.

“Oh, not much, everything was same old, same old, not really much to say. The author had not written anything new for a few years so we didn’t really have much to communicate.” I explained. “We really don’t want to bore people when we have nothing new to say. We had not sent any emails for about a year before the book came out, we had to retrain on the software, our skills were rusty. We had even forgotten the password to the admin panel!” I playfully giggled.

Feeling pretty proud of myself I sat back, looked around the

examination room, crossed my arms and noticed my shirt was

drenched. I was sweating like a pig! Was I sick? Had I picked up

something in this office?

Dr. E. Newsletter noticed my physical condition and became very

silent. He got out his prescription pad and started to scribble


I panicked and started talking very quickly, “We are not sick, you just said we are active. What are you giving me? I don’t want any marketing drugs.”

“Your emails over the past few months sounds like you were blocked and constipated for a year and then digested a book and got a case of Montezuma’s Email Revenge. You said you had sent about fifteen emails in the last year. How many of those were sent after the book came out?” Dr. E. Newsletter grunted.

“14…” I said, turning my head away in shame.

“Take the prescription, your email marketing campaign sounds like you need it,” Dr. E. Newsletter said as he shoved the pad towards me.

I left the doctor’s office that day a little shaken up. Dr. E.

Newsletter had compared my email marketing campaign to a common

bowel condition. Was my campaign really in trouble? Did it really stink?

It was two days before I even remembered to look at the

prescription Dr. E. Newsletter had given me. What kind of a drug

would I have to take to fix this?

Turns out, his prescription was pretty easy to follow. We only had to take one dose and we were regular again.

From the desk of Dr. E Newsletter:

Take one does of Pepto-Bismail and

1) Send your email marketing newsletters on a pre-determined

regular schedule.

2) Keep to the schedule, or stop sending e-newsletters.

Dr. E. Newsletter was right. We rarely got much of a response from our email newsletter campaigns. It probably had to do with our customers rarely hearing from us and then getting bombarded with messages when we wanted them to do something.

One customer even sent us a well written, but scolding, email that said she felt dirty when she would get our messages. It was clear we were only sending her email messages when we wanted something.

I booked a six-month check-up with Dr. E Newsletter. I go next

Friday. I am actually looking forward to the visit. We’ve been

sending e-newsletters once a week for about five months now. Oh

sure, in the beginning we pulled our hair out a little, but after awhile we got in a groove and now the weekly email message gets sent every Wednesday at noon. Even in the summer when most of the group is on holidays we band together and get that e-newsletter out.

After my last visit to Dr. E Newsletter I vowed to never have my

email marketing campaign referred to as constipated, irregular and (I am even ashamed to think it..) Montezuma’s Email Revenge. How embarrassing!

Dr. E. Newsletter mentioned to me that ‘Email Irregularity’ was the most common condition in email marketing. He said he prescribes gallons of Pepto-Bismail every week.

Readers: Email irregularity is a condition that is extremely dangerous. The customer in the story who said she felt dirty when she would get intermittent emails is a real person. Maybe your customers feel like she does.

This story was inspired by 4 different companies who suffer from

Email Irregularity:

*A semi-famous author / coaching company who had not sent an email message in over two years, wrote a new book and then sent a flurry of messages hocking the book.

*A very famous author / business guru who had not sent an email

message for months, made a new website, changed some business

methods and sent a number of emails in a very short period of time hocking the new business approach.

*A baby products company that sends emails on a very inconsistent basis, and then sent two in one week, both hocking new products.

*A movie distribution company that usually sends an email message about once a month, and then decided to sent three messages in two days.

How would you have felt on the receiving end of these Email

Marketing messages?

Having a regular scheduled email marketing campaign encourages:

*Your customers to expect to hear from you. Who knows, they might even look forward to your messages if you are providing real value.

*Repeat customer sales. The more times a customer hears from you, the more likely they are to partake of your services again. (The key is for them to hear from you frequently on a regular basis).

*A perception that you are still in business, you are consistent

and you are always ready, willing and able to provide more goods

and services.

Just in case you aren’t clear on the symptoms of ‘Email

Irregularity’ here is a quick summary. If you experience these

symptoms follow Dr. E. Newsletter’s prescription right away:

*No consistency in the frequency of your Email campaigns – Things are rather irregular.

*A flurry of email messages when something happens in your company Usual sending triggers are a new business approach, a new website, a new product or service – Montezuma’s Email Revenge.

*Long periods of time when you don’t send any email messages –

Total Blockage. Your customers will think you are really sick or

even are dead.