How to Create a Killer PPC Campaign For CPA Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing has a whole entire industry written around it. As you may have seen already there are $2,000 courses being launched around PPC advertising and how to profit from it.

Every possible forum you go into you will read something about PPC advertising and everyone has their own opinion and most important experience with PPC.

I wrote this article to share with you in detail exactly how to create a profitable PPC campaign. These are the exact methods I use in terms of setting up the campaign, doing my research and then pluggin it into AdWords.

Before I had over to the search engines to scope out the competition, or even select my keywords. I take a moment to read some news headlines, see whats going on in today’s world. Its kinda crazy out there and being an Entrepreneur myself I try to stay away from all the mumbo-jumbo that is out there so I do not lose focus. By taking the minute to see whats going out there ideas and information are revealed to me.

A perfect example would be: right now there are millions of people looking for JOBS, well the reality is there are not enough jobs for those people and yet alone all the college students who are graduating this year. So in my head I begin to think what types of searches and offers will people be looking for more now that there is the crisis of job insecurity and retirements being lost.

So I put back on my entrepreneur hat, and I begin to realize that the majority of these people are going to have to find some kind of opportunity  online to start generating some cashflow or they will go broke very quickly. The CPA networks and many affiliate networks offer a huge amount of “Pay Per Lead” and Trial offers that you and I as advertisers can go out and share by creating profits at the same time.

So Lets get to it now:

Step 1- Select My Niche and Find 3-5 Offers

Step 2- I head over to Prosper202 and Build myself some tracking links

Step 3- I go to my favorite rotatory site Codefu and create a rotator so I can test and see which offers convert the best

Now we are ready to build our PPC Campaign.

1. My favorite way to generate traffic is going after “research market”, these are the people who have already been exposed to this offer or information and are now typing in “review” keywords. They have already been sold, or I should saw something that peaked there interest. Now its a matter of you and I providing details and closing statement straight to our link and boom money in the BANK!

2. All my keywords are “exact match”, I don’t waste me time with any broad keywords when dealing with research market.

3. Each of my keywords has its own “Ad-group” this way I can have 3-5 ads rotating throughout to test and see which ad converts the best.

4. I set my campaign bids by each keyword, I usually never go for the first 1-3 position on PPC. I aim for the 4-6 position because from previous case studies, even though its research market people are still clicking on the first 2 ads.

5. Check your stats, make adjustments and Cash in!